Michelle Schipper ⁠— Graduated from Graphic Design ArtEZ Arnhem ⁠— Part of Arnhemse Nieuwe 2022 ⁠— Published in Dutch Design Yearbook ⁠— Finalist of NewOne Awards ⁠— Published by Dutch Design Daily




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Identity for the Graphic Design Graduation show 2022. The identity is resembling the proces of moving from point A to B, just like in a learning proces, where point A & B can be variables. This project contained a graduation catalogue showing the process of the student projects, exhibition design, website and merchandise. In collaboration with Joanne van der Wal, Xiaoyuan Gao, Britt Schmitz, Tofe Al-Obaidi.


From (A) to (X)


From (A) to (X) From (A) to (X) From (A) to (X) From (A) to (X) From (A) to (X) From (A) to (X) From (A) to (X)